Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co.,Ltd.
Name:Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co., Ltd is a famous Manufacturer and operator in China. It was founded in December of 1999, and specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling motorcycles and engines. The company has about 2600 persons, and occupies the area of 400,000 square meters. At present, the company owns six advanced domestic motorcycle product lines, four package glide lines, four engine product lines, six painting glide lines and a series of international first class motorcycle development and test equipment, such as laser model machine, the chassis measures meritorious service machine, waste gas analyses instrument and so on. The company mainly produces "Dayang", "Dayun" and “Fengchi” brand motorcycle with over 40 types, over 200 brands, and engines and motorcycle painting articles etc. The annual output is 1,500,000 complete vehicles and 2 million engines. The products are sold all over of the country, and also all over the world such as Asia, Europe, America and Africa etc. As the independent brand and product of Dayang , Dayun motorcycle is the high-quality good based on many years’ R&D and motorcycle production and the use of mature and advanced technology and technology & quality platform. The advertisements “If you want to win the wind, choose Dayun motor! NG THOUGHar image Zhang Bo ” and “No one can win your heart, except Dayang motor!” which were spoken by famous stars Zhang Bozhi and Gong Li respectively have been widely known and deeply rooted among people. In May of 2007, the Dayun motorcycle was hand in hand with Beijing Olympic Games successfully and had the honor to win the exclusive supplier of the Handicapped Olympics. It is indicated that Dayun motorcycle has already been a mighty and high-quality brand of motorcycle industry.
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