Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co.,Ltd.
Name:Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co., Ltd is a famous Manufacturer and operator in China. It was founded in December of 1999, and specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling motorcycles and engines. The company has about 2600 persons, and occupies the area of 400,000 square meters. At present, the company owns six advanced domestic motorcycle product lines, four package glide lines, four engine product lines, six painting glide lines and a series of international first class motorcycle development and test equipment, such as laser model machine, the chassis measures meritorious service machine, waste gas analyses instrument and so on. The company mainly produces "Dayang", "Dayun" and “Fengchi” brand motorcycle with over 40 types, over 200 brands, and engines and motorcycle pai..
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